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Geeks Life Luxembourg is committed to helping people get the most out of their Geeks Life and everything in between.

As your alternative source for event coverage, news, reviews, and articles in the Geek Culture. Started in April of 2014 by The two Founders, Sam van Maris and Sandra Anna Tukasch, Geeks Life Luxembourg has evolved into a site that grow to be the best place for people to find Photos, Videos from Events in and around Luxembourg and to get News, Interviews, Reviews and much more.

We also want to show off the best Events for our readers, and maybe show off a few things people haven’t even heard of!

We’re here because of our readers, and we keep doing what we do because of them. With that said, we always encourage you to comment on our posts, or contact us if there’s something you’d like to see.

-Event and festival coverage.

Our Photographs are covering events, festival in and around Luxembourg. From Conventions to Music-Festivals , from Gaming-evenings to Cosplay-gatherings. Nothing is to Big and Nothing to small. If you want us on your event please contact us at

-Photo-shoots for Cosplayers.

If you want or need to do a professional photo-shooting, we are the ones you are shearing for. We have award winning photographers. But we need the Models. So if you are a Cosplayer in our around Luxembourg and you want to do a Photo-shoot, contact us at

-Art Contest.

Every Year Geeks Life Luxembourg does its Drawing Contest where people can win great prizes.

-Live recordings for concerts.

Our Team did already Concert recording for many Bands: Clanrock, Lost in Pain, Moof, Kingstones and many more, if you have a Music Band or want a Video-Recording of your Concert, contact us at

-Filming of Music Video’s

If you have a Music Band and want a Music-Video,contact us at


If wanted we have a few workshops :

– Photography 101

– Layout 101

– Drawing 101

– Make Your Own Damn Movie

– Sell Your Own Damn Movie

If you are interested in one of our Workshops Contact us under

About Geeks Life Luxembourg (821 Articles)
If you want to join us contact us under

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