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YouTube Guilty until Proven Innocent

Earlier in the week, in a move which should surprise absolutely nobody that’s ever been on the bad side of YouTube yesterday took down I Hate Everything’s channel with little explanation given.


Just under 24 hours later, the channel was restored. Not before the damage had been done, though – Alex uploaded a video on what happened shortly after I Hate Everything came back online that was less than effusive of YouTube and its practices.


I Hate Everything : 363K Subs gets no answer from YouTube



The most positive thing about this whole episode is it’s yet another example of YouTube being out-of-touch with its creators. And Sadly I hate Everyone is not the only big YouTuber that did run in some problems in the past week. And for the Full time YouTubers this is a big problem. Imagine if your boss told you out of the blue that you were fired for vague and untrue reasons and that your wages would be withheld.


Channel Awesome: 354K Subs gets no answer from YouTube

What The Hell YouTube?


Here you have Doug Walker form Channel Awesome talking about there Channel Problems. 1 strike has disabled every feature on their account, the YouTube counter DMCA form was not only broken for them, but they needed a different login to the account provided by an completely different and working form.


Eli the Computer Guy: 626K Subs gets no answer from YouTube

YouTube Community Strike Was A False Flag


2 and a half year old video gets him a community strike and his appeal is denied.


AlternateHistoryHub: 497K Subs gets no answer from YouTube

I’m Having Issues With Youtube


Those are just a few channels that are having trouble under the YouTube System.

If you want to read more about this please read also our Article below.

YouTube – No questions asked



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3 Comments on YouTube Guilty until Proven Innocent

  1. Ech perseinlech fannen dass mansch Youtuber ët sichen gin, egal wéi schlecht een Produkt ass, ët geet een nik an filmt wéi een ët zerstéiert, also esouvill Savoir vivre misst een hun, mee anscheinend ass daat nik den Fall, an dann sech obreegen dass hieren Youtube Konto geläscht gët muss ech just soen deal with it.


    • Kim Das problem kommt wann man sich an die regeln von YouTube halt und and die Gesetzlichen Regel und Trotzdem Gelöscht wird. Und wann man nicht mal eine Begründung bekommt. Da Channels die eine halbe million subs. haben nicht mal auf eine Antwort von Youtube hoffen können. Welche Chance hatte dein Channel bei einer False Flag Attacke.


  2. Keins, ich würde mein Leben auch ohne Youtube weiter leben ganz einfach.


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