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Momo, the creepy WhatsApp Account

Maybe you have heard of MOMO, the creepy WhatsApp account going viral lately? An unknown account with a very creepy profile picture of a woman with a crow-like face has suddenly appeared in people’s contact list.

Metro Jornal

Photo by Metro Jornal

What is this all about? Only a few facts are known about “MOMO” so far: it’s a Japanese phone number (starting with +81) and the last time the account owner was online was July 11, 2018. According to what several people have said (it’s not known whether these accounts are fake or not) she writes creepy messages and sends video and sound messages.


Found on YouTube

After a while, some people uploaded pictures and videos they say they got from “MOMO”. You can see a really terrifying face or sound messages with someone whispering. She even allegedly wrote messages in Japanese saying: I have died …

No one could find out what this is all about. A Japanese woman in disguise trying to become famous with this creepy appearance? Or even hackers trying to hack your phone?


Picture by Trome


Picture by Trome

Meanwhile there are 3 different WhatsApp accounts with this profile picture and the name MOMO going around which have all been identified as FAKES. The original account is Japanese. I will not post any of these numbers here, because I really don’t suggest anyone to try this out. The danger behind this has not been identified yet, so please don’t try to contact her.

Some messages say that if you contact her at 3 a.m. in the morning, she will come after you or appear in your room. I don’t know how serious this is, but I am not going to try it out XD and you shouldn’t either.

The purpose of this post is to spread awareness of this. If a contact named MOMO appears in your contact list, delete it. Don’t try to get in touch or even answer. No one knows where this can lead.

Radio Zero

Picture found on Radio Zero

At least the origin of the profile picture is known now. It has been identified as a sculpture in a Japanese museum showing some demon, half woman, half bird. So no creepy disguised guy was needed to create the profile picture. But definitely to create the account …

El Comercio Perû

Picture of El Comercio Perù


5 Comments on Momo, the creepy WhatsApp Account

  1. I want Momos number


  2. Please give me the number // 23. September 2018 at 10:30 // Reply

    Please give me the number


  3. Jeg har time der 5
    It’s ok. There is a problem, but I am still so that we could find somewhere to live with us and let me go to the bathroom and I will try to get the best if you want anything from yesterday, and I just sigh.


  4. Momo might be real but if she is imma just shoot her


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